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Junior Section


New measures are implemented for the over all development of the child. We provide education at the pre-primary stage through play and activity based programs. Besides learning academic skills, the also learn how to play together, to communicate with other and gain knowledge. The school has introduced the following innovative methods of teaching to make learning more vibrant, lively and child-oriented.

A Little Gym has been introduced for the physical and mental development of the junior children of the school. Personality charts are made for first term showing assessment of appearance, behaviour, mannerism and conversation etc. Every week, a stamp (equivalent to a star) in the shape of fish, teddy bear and flower is added ion the personality-chart. Child’s photograph, date of birth, mother’s name etc is pasted and written on the same. Recitation and writing skills are tested and assessed by the teacher.
The following measures are adopted by our teachers for Montessori classes:


  1. PHONETICS: To learn the English language, it is necessary to understand alphabets with phonetic sounds. Therefore stress is laid on Phonetics by teaching with sounds so as to enable the students make spelling easier.
    e.g. A says
    B says
    If a child follows the phonetics at an early stage, he / she will be able to spell the words correctly and pronounce them accurately.

    a. Free Expression: Story with illustrations is narrated to the child. Using their creativity and imagination. Children draw various objects from the story e.g. a house where plane is flying in blue clouds.
    b. Classes for Drawings, Collage and Painting are part of art and craft to enable the child develop his/ her motor skills.

  3. DRAMATIZATION OF POEMS: A group of 3-4 children sing/ dramatize poems, stories etc. They are taught how to act with correct expression.

  4. Children are taken on educational excursions in and around Patiala.

  5. Teaching aids like flash cards, charts, puppets, toys, T.V. and tape recorder are used to awaken the interest of the child.

  6. Environmental study: To make the children realize the importance of clean environment, we celebrate ‘Tree Plantation Day’ every year. Old papers and waste are recycled to make paper bags in the recycling plant set up at the school itself. To extend the campaign outside the four walls of the school, our children discourage the use of polybags and take out awareness rallies in the surrounding areas.

  7. PUPPETS: To amuse the children, the teacher uses the puppets to narrate a story, Children feel fascinated when they see funny faces acting in front of them e.g. jungle scene, a family scene and so on.

  8. GRAND PARENT’S DAY: The school has unique feature of celebrating ‘Grand parents’ Day every year which makes our senior citizens feel important and wanted. They feel proud to watch their grand children performing on the stage.

  9. OBSERVATION: Scientific observation of the child’s development are constantly carried out and recorded by the teacher. These observations are made on the level of concentration and performance of the child.

  10. CURRICULUM: The curriculum, activities, system and the entire ethos of the institution is designed to make the children discover the environment through exploration and discovery. At the Primary level, a great deal of emphasis is given to extra curricular activities. Seasons are experienced through nature walks and science is learnt through observing. Library work and Computer education form an integral part of the curriculum. The curriculum is activity centered and lays strong emphasis on learning by doing practical, Art, Music, Physical Education and Games are the medium of imparting education.

The objective of the new achievement records is to bring continuous improvement in the performance of a student through constant diagnosis of gap and difficulties in learning and helping the learners on overcoming them through remediation of instructions. While reporting students achieving in different areas, indirect grading in absolute scale having the points will be used.

The grades will stand for the following distribution of marks..



90% - 100%



75% - 89%


Very Good

56% - 74%





Scope for improvement Below



To enhance the quality of learning in this section of school the scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation has been introduced. The seven points and their equivalent performance scale in raw scores will be as under:



90% and above


80 to 89


70 to 79


60 to 69


45 to 59


33 to 44


below 33%



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